The following are recipients of the Clar-Willis Trail Worker Award: (Established in 1997)

Year Awarded Name
2016 Paul Warrender
2015 Rick Roberts
2014 Tony Rodriquez
2012 Dave Potzler (Foothills trail steward, maintainer, Alley Cat worker and manager, recently landowner relations)
2011 Not awarded
2010 Not awarded
2009 Bill and Anne Brosseau
2008 Not awarded
2007 Linda Parlato
2006 Irene Szabo
2005 Joe Dabes
2004 Cliff & Doris Abbott
2003 Fred Lamb, Binghamton (M27 improvements and long time maintenance) E2ER #91-deceased 2012
2002 Alex Gonzalez (M19, extraordinary trail maintainer continues to develop loop trails 2012)
2001 Not awarded
2000 Edward A. Frank (1st winner-ready to work on the trail in all conditions and situations)