Amazing One-Day End-to-End Hike of the FLT

Hike Leader Information

Hiker sign-in sheet

Please download and print this form for hike day hiker sign-in at the trailhead.

We need TWO reports from you after your hike:

  1. Hike completion report
    1. This is the confirmation that the hike was completed and a count of the number of hikers.
    2. We need this no later than Sunday, June 3, so we can order patches in time to meet our delivery schedule. We do not plan on ordering extra patches, so “no report, no patches…”
    3. You can submit your report on-line at,
    4. or, you can phone to Gene Bavis 315-573-2768 or the Service Center answering machine 585-658-9320.
      • If you phone, state your hike number, your name, and number of hikers completing the hike.
    5. If you have already submitted your report but wish to add comments or a URL to photos, please send the information to [email protected].
  2. Hiker sign-in sheets
    1. Please add your name and hike number on all sheets.
    2. Please number the bottom of the pages so we know we haven’t lost any.
    3. For families, we only need one entry including name and signature. List the family members in the “Additional members” box. For adult groups, please try to get them to sign-in separately.
    4. Please send these sheets to the FLTC Office following your hike, but no later than June 8.
    • You can mail the forms to the FLTC Service Center, 6111 Visitor Center Road, Mt. Morris, NY 14510,
    • Or, scan and e-mail them to [email protected].

Tips for a successful hike

  1. Make sure you are familiar with your hike by pre-hiking before June 2 or insuring that one of your hikers knows the trail. Check the Trail Condition Notices on the website for your section now, and just before the hike for information about closures, reroutes, etc.
  2. Explain the car shuttle to everyone at the meeting place. If you meet at the ending place of the hike, take only the minimum number of cars needed to get everyone to the starting place. Some will have to wait at the end after the hike while drivers go back to the start to get the cars. On the other hand, if you meet at the starting place, some will have to wait there before the hike while you shuttle cars to the end. Either way, make sure that the meeting place and time are correct on your hike listing. Make sure that everyone has a ride at the end of the hike.
  3. Carry a map, whistle, and first aid kit with you.
  4. Bring a few extra bottles of water, a few extra energy bars, some sun screen, and some insect repellant to the meeting place in case any of your hikers are unprepared.
  5. Make sure all hikers are prepared for the hike and weather conditions before you leave the meeting place. As hike leader, you have the right to discourage anyone you believe will have trouble on the hike.
  6. Keep your group together. Appoint someone as sweep. Wait for slower hikers at every trail junction, ambiguous turn, obstacle, or difficult section.
  7. Plan your lunch break in a pretty spot. Don’t forget “nature breaks.”


Take a moment on your hike to honor the memory of Gerry Benedict, of Newark, NY, who died following a tragic accident while clearing downed trees on the FLT on May 10. Gerry was one of the many volunteers who have built and maintain the Finger Lakes Trail for the enjoyment of all. Find more information about Gerry here Gerard_P.pdf. To the best of our knowledge, Gerry is the only fatality in the 50 year history of trail maintenance on the Finger Lakes Trail. This hike, and indeed, the entire trail, would not exist without the efforts of people like Gerry.

And finally,

Say a few words about the Finger Lakes Trail and the FLT Conference. Invite non-members to join us in using and supporting the trail. If you need a few brochures or sample newsletters, contact the office.