Annual Spring Appeal

Dear Friends of the Finger Lakes Trail,

It’s easy to appreciate these warm spring days after any winter. The vernal pools are bursting with life and the ephemeral wildflowers are popping out like Easter eggs scattered over the forest floor. These delicate little flowers take advantage of a small window of time before the shade of the tall trees soaks up the needed sun. It goes the same for our Spring Appeal. Like the flowers, we are preparing for a productive season of improving the quality and quantity of the Finger Lakes Trail System.

Please consider supporting the Finger Lakes Trail Conference by making a generous gift during this Spring Appeal. Your support will help us maintain and promote our beloved trail system. It will also help us increase accessibility and enable all who wish to walk our blazes to feel welcome and prepared to do so.

A generous donor is matching the first $1,000 of the donations 1:1, so contribute early to double the impact of your gift!

Your gift will help support hiking opportunities for people with all levels of fitness and ability, from family hikers with a toddler in tow to the most dedicated trail runners and end-to-end through hikers. Our trail community relies on resources developed by the FLTC, including our robust mapping services, the Passport Hikes guidebook, the guided Hiking 101 programs, FLT50 & FLT100 hiking challenges, and the County Hike Series being held in Steuben County this year.

The 1,000 miles of trail are free to enjoy, but require much maintenance and attention. Thousands of hours of volunteer labor and private donations ensure that the Finger Lakes Trail is being constantly maintained and upgraded. We need the continued support from friends, like you, to ensure that the organization is strong and that we can buy the materials needed to build the bridges, lean-tos, and other infrastructure.

We thank you for your support over the years. This organization was built on cascading contributions like what we ask of you today. We’re grateful to be in the position we’re in now with such a bright future. We hope that you find your way to the FLT soon.