FLT Ambassadors are volunteers with the Finger Lakes Trail Conference who Represent and Promote the FLTC on the trail, at special events, and in the community; Educate trail users about responsible trail use, landowner relations, and FLTC resources; Model good trail etiquette, Leave No Trace principles, and a welcoming environment on the Finger Lakes Trail; and Report Back to FLTC staff about interactions on the trail.

FLT Ambassadors have attended two trainings with the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, and are official representatives of the FLTC out on the trail and in the community. Look for their bright orange FLT Ambassador bandanas and ask them what they love about The FLT!

The FLTC will offer one FLT Ambassador training per year. Future training dates will be posted here. For more information email [email protected].

Congratulations and thank you to our Class of 2022 FLT Ambassadors!
Natalie Baris, Lisa Barrett, Ann Bayley, Bradley Benjamin, Jessica Brown, Adam Busta, Ginny Conway, HillaryCreedon, Mike Cunningham, Jeff Darling, Marie Davis, Amy Degro, Nigel Dyson-Hudson, Katy Elder, SteveEllsworth, Mary Espersen, Peg Fuller, Shaun Gitlin, Karen Godshall, June Granz, Lisa Halstead, MeenaHaribal, Tim Holahan, Michele Kaminsky, Amymarie Keyes, Nancy Kleinrock, Nicole Lindquist, Lisa Mansback Berk, Sarah Mastro, Grace Miller, Odessa Miller, Barbara Mucher, Leah Murray, Deb Nero, Laurie Ondrejka, Patti Owens, Nicole Pane, Dennis Permoda, Dan Petit, Amanda Piha, Erin Potter, Frank Rees, Tracy Rericha, Janet Rith, Annika Rowland, Candace Rozansky, Steve Shaum, Bo Shoemaker, Patti Singer, Philip Stephens, Laura Steves, JT Tompkins, Mark Valites, Cassandra Vaughn, Janis von Borstel, Kristen Waight, JoshuaWaight, Darin White, Shana White, Kaitlin Wiech, Tim Wilbur, Ian Woods.