Besides hiking, volunteer trail work is the major activity of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference. FLTC members and affiliated hiking clubs or organizations have built the trail during the past five decades, and we get out on the trail throughout the year to keep it in shape. We do this because we love the trail, we enjoy working in the woods with fellow volunteers, and it is a great way to stay in shape ourselves. If you want to join us, here are the ways you can:

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Contact us if you want to join in building and maintaining the premier hiking trail in New York.

Reporting, Application, and Reimbursement Forms

File nameSizeDate
FLTC Expense Reimbursement.pdf44 kB 11-29-2018
FLTC Expense Reimbursement.xlsx46 kB 11-29-2018
FLTC Purchase Order.pdf36 kB 8-14-2017
FLTC Purchase Order.xlsx69 kB 8-14-2017
NYSDEC TRP Application Instructions.pdf460 kB 10-28-2016
NYSDEC TRP Application.pdf122 kB 10-28-2016
NYSDEC TRP Policy Final.pdf127 kB 10-28-2016
Trail Maintainer Registration.pdf91 kB 1-12-2015
Trail-Register-Usage-Tabulation-Form.xlsx13 kB 4-09-2019

Reference Documents

File nameSizeDate
Bloodborne Pathogens 11182014.ppt4,333 kB 8-14-2017
Chain Saw Fuel Safety Video 1.html0 kB 4-13-2019
Chain Saw Fuel Safety Video 2.html0 kB 4-13-2019
FLTC Field Maintenance Manual 12-16.pdf1,228 kB 8-14-2017
FLTC Safety Handbook FINAL.pdf1,156 kB 8-14-2017
GPSing the FLT - Montana 680 GPS.pdf667 kB 8-14-2017
Inspection-Inventory-Report-for-Facilities.pdf43 kB 4-11-2019
NCT_Handbook_March 2019.pdf11,950 kB 3-24-2019
OSHA Logging standard 1910.226.pdf136 kB 4-14-2019
Personal Protective Equipment Policy - USFS 6710.pdf13 kB 8-14-2017
Situational Awareness Sawyer self assessment.pdf28 kB 8-14-2017
Tailgate Meeting Check List.pdf45 kB 8-14-2017
VSA Agreement Reg 3 & 4.pdf1,528 kB 8-14-2017
VSA Agreement Reg 8.pdf3,930 kB 8-14-2017
VSA Agreement Reg. 7.pdf2,079 kB 8-14-2017
Volunteer Application (Individual).pdf95 kB 8-14-2017
Volunteer Application (Limited Use).pdf87 kB 8-14-2017


Signs to be used on the trail available from the Service Center

POSTED – trail on Private Property.pdf