Alley Cat Crews work on major trail construction projects. These projects require months of advanced planning and preparation and the projects themselves may take from several days to a week. They involve construction of trail infrastructure such as lean-tos and bridges, and major trail building or rerouting.  Crews are organized by the FLTC’s Director of Crews & Construction. Projects are done with assistance and local coordination provided by the Trail Sponsoring organization or individual.

Although Alley Cat is named from “Allegany to the Catskills,” Alley Cat crews work on branch trails, too.


The Finger Lakes Trail Conference is seeking volunteers knowledgeable in project management ad construction techniques, and those willing to lead and participate in the projects listed below. This year’s offerings include construction of a lean-to, retaining wall, bridges, and stairs among other structures.

Project Managers generally assist in acquiring materials, permits, equipment and volunteers in the months and weeks prior to an Alley Cat Project. During the project, Project Managers manage the volunteers, ensure safety protocols are followed, and take care of the paperwork requirements for the FLTC, NYS and other entities.

Construction Managers oversee, teach, and participate in the building of structures. Some of these duties include getting materials from the roadside to the construction site, directing volunteers in various construction tasks (digging, cutting, nailing, and measuring) and ensuring safety protocols are being followed.

Alley Cat Projects are highly rewarding experiences. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Project or Construction Manager, please email [email protected].


Letchworth Branch Trail Improvements (Maps L1 & L2)
June 20-24

Some lodging may be available at the Letchworth Conference Center. This project is part of the American Hiking Society’s Volunteer Vacation program for the second year in a row, meaning volunteers are coming from across the country to work on this trail with us! Join the crew for the whole week or whatever your schedule allows as we continue improvements along the beloved Letchworth Branch Trail. Please direct any questions to [email protected].