Alley Cat Crews work on major trail construction projects. These projects may require months of advanced planning and preparation and the projects themselves may take from several days to a week. They involve construction of trail infrastructure such as lean-tos and bridges, and major trail building or rerouting.  Crews are organized by the FLTC’s Director of Crews & Construction. Projects are done with assistance and local coordination provided by the Trail Sponsoring organization or individual.

Although Alley Cat is named from “Allegany to the Catskills,” Alley Cat crews work on branch trails, too.

Alley Cat Projects for 2019

Check this page often since details will be posted as they become available.

May 19-25 – Catskills Volunteer Vacation

Volunteers from the American Hiking Society will assist the FLTC in clearing and widening the trail in the Catskills.  FLTC members are welcome to assist for the trip, but are asked to let Mike Schlicht know at [email protected] if you will be doing so as we need to plan for additional meals and transportation to/from the trail heads.

Certified sawyers are needed to assist volunteers in removing trees and are asked to contact Rick Roberts at [email protected] to let him know what days you can assist the crew.

May 2019 – Bucks Brook Lean-to

Project Manager:  Tony Rodriguez

The final placement of the Bucks Brook lean-to is expected to take place in May weather permitting.  This Alley Cat project only involves the final constructing of the lean-to in Bucks Brook state park.  Volunteers can contact Tony Rodriguez at boricua10[email protected]

May, 2019 – M3: Little Rock City Lean-to

Project Manager:  Dave Potzler

The final placement of the Little Rock City lean-to is also expected to take place in May weather permitting.  This Alley Cat project only involves the final construction of the lean-to in Little Rock City state park.  Volunteers can contact Dave Potzler at  [email protected]

Summer/Fall 2019 – M1:  Allegany State Park Lean-to Deconstruction and Roof Replacement

Project Manager:  Mike Schlicht

The two old lean-to’s that are to be razed cannot be done until the summertime pending funding that the park has applied for a crew to do so.  If funding is not received, the FLTC will raze the two lean-to’s and haul the old shingles to a disposal site agreed upon by park personnel.  The roof of the Stoney Brook lean-to will also be replaced.  Volunteers can contact Mike Schlicht to volunteer at [email protected].  A certified sawyer will be needed to raze the two lean-to’s.

Date TBA – M12:  Bridge Reconstruction

Project/Construction Managers:  Scott Kolo and Bob Plaskov

The date of the M12 bridge reconstruction will be announced in the near future.  The project will involve removing the current handrails and planking and shoring up the one telephone pole to provide a level walking surface.  New planking and guardrails will be installed with a surface coating to provide traction control for hikers.   Volunteers are asked to contact Scott or Bob respectively at:  [email protected] or [email protected]

Late Summer or Fall 2019 – M13:  South Bradford State Forest Switchbacks

Project Manager: Lynda Rummel

Due to planning and organizing of the symposium in Syracuse and Trail Days in Bath, this project will not take place until late summer or fall.  The project will involve creating additional switchbacks between Dennis and Monterey Roads in South Bradford State Forest.  Volunteers are asked to contact Lynda Rummel to volunteer at: [email protected]

Date TBA – Map 18:  Coddington Road Trail Reroutes

Project Manager:  TBA

The project will entail creating series of switchbacks down to Coddington Road that will create a blue bypass trail.  Additionally, a staircase or ladder will be built to ascend a 15 foot ridge from a logging road along with some work in Durfee Hill State Forest from the 2018 Alley Cat that could not be completed.

Date of project: TBA – O1:  Trail Improvement Project and Hemlock Lean-to Repairs

Project Manager:  Mike Ogden

ADK Onondaga chapter is undertaking the roof replacement of the Hemlock lean-to and trail improvements of the Onondaga branch trail.  Volunteers who are not ADK Onondaga members can contact Mike Ogden to inquire on whether additional volunteers will be needed once scheduled at: [email protected]