Alley Cat Crews work on major trail construction projects. These projects may require months of advanced planning and preparation and the projects themselves may take from several days to a week. They involve construction of trail infrastructure such as lean-tos and bridges, and major trail building or rerouting.  Crews are organized by the FLTC’s Director of Crews & Construction. Projects are done with assistance and local coordination provided by the Trail Sponsoring organization or individual.

Although Alley Cat is named from “Allegany to the Catskills,” Alley Cat crews work on branch trails, too.

Alley Cat Projects for 2021

Check this page for updated details about upcoming Alley Cat Projects. 

August 2-6, 2021 – Letchworth State Park Maps L1 & L2

Project & Construction Manager: Mike Schlicht

This project will be a multi-function Alley Cat involving several groups and organizations that utilize the FLTC Letchworth Branch trail. We applied for an American Hiking Society crew to help us in this endeavor but the pandemic has put this on hold for the time being.  In the interim, we will plan for this project to be a series of day projects where we will provide lunches to the crew in the areas we will be working in

The work will involve a lot of drainage, rebuilding of trail and a few reroutes of trail and water pathways if approved by the Letchworth State Parks Department.  We will be meeting at the FLTC offices each day in Letchworth State Park by the Mt. Morris dam.

Hard hats, tools, PPE and pandemic guidelines will be required to utilize and proof of vaccination may be required.

Pending the status of the pandemic we may still host an American Hiking Society (AHS) crew as the decision to do so by AHS will not be made until June for any project that involves indoor accommodations. If the pandemic allows us to safely use indoor facilities, we will be hosting dinners and sleeping arrangements at the convention center within the park.  To volunteer or to inquire about the project, please contact Mike Schlicht at [email protected]