As a Regional Trail Coordinator you may recruit individual Trail Sponsors/Trail Maintainers to maintain individual sections, help individual Trail Sponsors/Maintainers take on trail improvement or relocation projects with the help of Local Work Crews/Trail Work Days, and possibly sponsor a section yourself.  The job of a Regional Trail Coordinator is to watch over a specific segment of trail in the Finger Lakes Trail System and help sponsor organizations and sponsor individuals within that segment improve the maintenance or route of their trail section.

Maintainers working for clubs or other organizations can turn first to the organization’s leadership for assistance before asking the Regional Trail Coordinator; but individual trail sponsors go directly to their Regional Trail Coordinator for help. Regional Trail Coordinators can be tapped to help secure the services of a Certified Sawyer, or to work with the FLTC’s Volunteer Coordinator to help muster other volunteers into an ad hoc work crew. They can also provide guidance and advice when asked.

Regional Trail Coordinators work directly under the Vice President for Trail Maintenance.

Regional Trail Coordinator positions are available occasionally, particularly for the eastern part of the main FLT. For more information, please contact email [email protected].