The Trail Council is an advisory group for the Trail Management Team.  The Trail Management Team through Regional Coordinators and others handles the day to day operations of the Trail.  Policy decisions related to the Trail are made by the Board of Managers upon recommendation of the Trail Management Team.  The Trail Management Team consists of the following:

  • Vice President for Trail Maintenance
  • Vice President for Trail Quality
  • Vice President for Trail Preservation
  • Director of Crews & Construction
  • Director on Trail Inventory & Mapping
  • President

The Trail Council meets once a year to facilitate an exchange of ideas and to review the “state of the trail.” Affiliate club or sponsoring organization officers or their designated member volunteers, and FLTC Board of Managers members are invited to attend this meeting.


2019 Trail Council Meeting

The 2019 Trail Council Meeting will not be held. There are heavy demands on Trail Council members related to the International Trails Symposium in Syracuse, and the Finger Lakes Trails Day in Bath, and both events will allow informal interchange between members.


April 28, 2012
Mt. Morris Dam Visitor’s Center

10:00    Welcome and Call to Order (Catherman)

10:05    Approval of 2011 Minutes (Catherman)

10:10    President’s Comments (Monahan)

10:20    Introductions (All, including new ED, Treasurer, and aspiring Directors of C&C and Mapping)

10:35    State of the Trail Reports by RTCs/CTCs (Catherman)

11:20    Trail Preservation and Land Owner Relations (Navik)

11:30   Training (Rummel/Howden)

11:40    Maps (Hopkins/Rummel/Dabes)

11:55    Facilities Inventory (Dabes)

12:05    Alley Cats/Major Projects (Wright)

12:15    Volunteer Recognition (Wensich/Bavis)

12:30    LUNCH (please bring your own)

1:00     Trail Census (Catherman)

1:10      Finance Policies (Wybron/Wright)

1:25      Landowner Verification (Bavis)

1:35      Passport Hikes Program (Bavis)

1:45      FLT End-to-End Hike 6/2 (Dando)

1:55      FLTC’s 50th (Wensich/Bavis)

2:10      Roundtable (All)

2:40      Action Items (Catherman)

2:45      Adjournment


  1. Please email all written reports to Gene ([email protected]) by April 23.  You will receive an electronic copy of all reports before the meeting.
  1. Need supplies from the Office?  Please let Gene know and stop at the Office during lunch or after the meeting.
  1. Directions: Mt. Morris Dam Visitor’s Center – take I390 Exit 7 to SR 408W for 2 miles to the Village of Mt. Morris; stay on SR 408W for another 1.75 miles beyond Mt. Morris to Visitor Center Road; turn right on Visitor Center Road and proceed  approx. 1.5 miles to the Visitor’s Center.

Annual Trail Council Meeting – 2011

The Annual Trail Council Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, April 9 at 10 AM to be held at the First Congregational Church in Canandaigua.  Vice President for Trails, Steve Catherman is currently working on finalizing the Agenda, but State of the Trail Reports will be requested from Club Trail Chairs and Regional Coordinators.  Trail Chairs will want to coordinate their reports with your Regional Coordinator so that you don’t duplicate efforts.

If you have topics that you would like to have included on this agenda, please forward your request to Steve Catherman ([email protected]) no later than March 13.

At the very least, the following should attend the Trail Council Meeting:

  • Club Trails Chairs (or designee)
  • Regional Coordinators
  • Trail Management Team

FLT Board Members are invited to attend as are Club Presidents and/or Vice Presidents OR other Club Representatives.  Other interested parties may attend as well.  When we send out the agenda, we will ask for confirmation as to who will be attending so that we can plan for refreshments and set up the room with enough chairs.

The Trail Council Meeting is also a time where we can resupply you with signs, trail disks, various stickers, carsonite posts, maps, brochures, yellow cards for your register boxes, etc. etc. etc.   We are currently out of nice wooden trail register boxes, but do have a few old plastic and metal mailboxes that could be used (at least temporarily). SO, if you have needs for those items (or other “stuff”), PLEASE NOTIFY THE FLT OFFICE ([email protected]) no later than April 6.

Executive Director

Finger Lakes Trail Conference