As a Trail Maintainer (called Steward or Adopter by some clubs) you assume responsibility for a section of the Finger Lakes Trail, generally 1 or 2 miles in length. Working for a club or trail sponsoring organization, or with an individual trail sponsor under one of the FLTC’s volunteer Regional Trail Coordinators, you agree to visit your section three times per year. You perform routine inspection and maintenance: clear vegetation and fallen branches, pickup litter, refresh blazes and signs as needed, repair minor track erosion, check up on trail infrastructure such as register boxes, water bars, benches, bridges, board walks, lean-tos, etc.

To access the services of a roving Certified Sawyer (chainsaw operator) or for anything else you can’t handle yourself, you will contact the Regional Trail Coordinator who oversees your area. They can help you or organize a work day with a local work crew.

You will keep a log of your activities and report total hours of trail work, drive time, and administrative work, and report it to your trails chairperson or sponsor. You will also be invited to attend occasional training meetings in your region.

For more information or to volunteer, email [email protected].