Table updated July 7, 2015

Linear Trail Name Located on Map(s) Length in Miles Blaze Color Trail Marker Disk Color
Finger Lakes Trail (Main Trail) M01/CT01 thru M33 575 White* White*
Conservation Trail M01/CT01 thru M03/CT03 (65) White White
Conservation Trail CT04 thru CT12 (117) Orange Orange
Conservation Trail Total M01/CT01 thru CT12 183
Letchworth Trail L1 and L2 27 Yellow Yellow Eventually
Bristol Hills Trail B1 thru B3 59 Orange Orange
Interloken Trail I1 11 Orange Orange
Interloken Trail M15 and I1 (1) White White
Onondaga Trail O1 and O2 50 Blue Blue Eventually
Crystal Hills Trail CH1 thru CH3 50 Orange Orange
Total Linear Trails
Total Loop and Spur Trails 98
Total FLT System 989
* Blazes and FLT disks are not used in the Catskill Forest Preserve. The trail is marked with DEC trail disks of designated trail colors – blue, red, and yellow. See FLTC maps for disk colors of FLT in the Catskill Forest Preserve.