Allegany State Park

Allegany State Park


As New York’s largest park, Allegany covers 65,000 acres and 100 square miles across two major segments, including Quaker Area and Red House Area. Year-round, each offers a variety of activities, seasonal events and amenities.

But let’s get to the hiking. Traveling through the park, hikers will cover a total of 18 miles along the main Finger Lakes Trail. And with 18 trails totaling 80 miles of potential ground to cover, Allegany’s offerings extend beyond the Finger Lakes Trail and are accessible year-round.

Continuing from the North Country National Scenic Trail and the Allegheny National Forest in northern Pennsylvania, the Finger Lakes trail will take hikers north, east, and then north again through Allegany State Park.

After about mile 18, hikers can take the blue trail junction east to Red House Lake, or continue north out of the park and onward to Bucktooth State Forest.

Trail Map

Our Finger Lakes Trail map M1 provides detailed information concerning the trail as it passes through Allegany State Park and beyond. Map M1 is available as a digital download you can use on your smartphone and/or is available in a paper version which we will mail to you.

Finger Lakes Trail map M1 can be purchased by visiting our interactive map and selecting trail map M1. Proceeds from the map sale goes toward the ongoing administration of the entire 950 plus miles of the Finger Lakes Trail.

For use on your smartphone, you’ll need to install the Avenza App.

Sample Map – Shown below is a section of Finger Lakes Trail map M1 which shows the trail as it passes through Allegany State Park. Purchase the full map by clicking on map image below.

Allegany State Park Finger Lakes Trail Map Example


In addition to the state campground site accessible via the blue-blazed trail leading to Red House Lake, there are three main lean-tos in Allegany State Park, including the Willis Creek Lean-to, Stonybrook Lean-to, and the Beck Hollow Lean-to.

For more information about the park or to make camping reservations, visit the Allegany State Park website or call 716-354-9121.


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