We think that most places on the Finger Lakes Trail are pretty special. But this page highlights some places you might want to make an extra effort to visit. Let us know what you think of these places or if you find a place that is particularly wonderful to you.  You can submit a posting to the FLT Email Discussion Group and/or contact Jacqui Wensich with your special place photos.

Below is just one of our Special Places; use the links on the right to visit others.

Mitchellsville Gorge

Gorgeous Gorge on M-12

by Margaret and Ken Reek

The featured special place is Mitchellsville Gorge near Hammondsport.  This is a delightful hike at any time of year, but will be especially so on a hot, sunny summer day, as you will be walking in a cool forest listening to the sounds of a lively creek that peeks in and out of your view.  You can easily make this into a weekend trip, as there are many recreational and lodging opportunities in the immediate area.

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