FLT Connect

FLT Connect is a FREE series of workshops and presentations designed to educate, inspire, and connect trail users. Unless otherwise noted, all FLT Connect events are conducted via ZOOM. All FLT Connect events are recorded and made available through the FLTC’s YouTube Learning Library. Scroll down for a full list of previous presentations.

2022 Upcoming Events

Hiding in Plain Sight: Invasive Species
Thursday, May 12 at 7 pm

Did you know that many plants encountered along trails are actually invasive species? The Finger Lakes Trail Trackers is a volunteer effort from the FL-PRISM (Partner for Regional Invasive Species Management) and is recruiting hikers to survey for invasive species along trails in the Finger Lakes region. Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to our environment, and you can help stop them by recording their presence with your phone.

In this special FLT Connect event, you will hear from Matt Gallo, Terrestrial Program Outreach Coordinator for the Finger Lakes PRISM. He works on invasive species education in the Finger Lakes and is currently running the volunteer Finger Lakes Trail Trackers. In this FLT Connect event you will have the opportunity to learn how to identify common invasive plants along trails and how to record them. Taking part is a great way to not only get outside and enjoy the natural world, but to help the environment too!

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Navigating the FLT: A Guide to FLTC Maps and Map Tools
Tuesday, May 24 at 7 pm

“A map, it is said, organizes wonder.” – Ellen Meloy, American Writer

There is much to wonder about on the Finger Lakes Trail, but we don’t want you to wonder about getting lost, wandering off-trail, or stumbling into a hunting closure. Our maps are the best tools we can offer to keep you safe and on the right path to happy adventuring. But how do you actually use the interactive map on our website? What is better when you’re out on the trail, paper or digital? How do you actually get the digital downloads onto your phone so you can use it out on the trail?

All of these questions and more will be answered in our Navigating the FLT presentation on Tuesday, May 24.

Map experts Roger Hopkins and Scott Geiger will give you the basic tools you need to plan and organize your hikes and adventures on the FLT, walking you through the various options and how to use them.

The event is free but you must register in advance to receive the meeting link via email the day of the event. We hope you will join us!

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