Beye.jpgThe Finger Lakes Trail across upstate NY was started in 1962, and for nearly 25 of those years, Howard Beye was THE major volunteer for the organization that tends it. He was a deeply involved trail chair, keeping track of map updates, organizing and training those who adopt portions of our over 900-mile trail system, tracking volunteer hours for every one of them during an annual “census,” arranging Challenge Cost Share projects, and organizing every one of our three to four special work-week projects, the annual “Alley Cats,” and handling the majority of correspondence with the state agencies who host many miles of our trail.


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Maps B3 (rev 3/15) and M12 (rev 10/11)
Mitchellsville & Bath areas  5.7 miles

Hike Leader – Cate Concannon, [email protected] Hike Description – Map B3, Access 18 to Map 12, Access 2. This hike will start with a steep uphill at Access 18 off Mitchellsville Road on the Bristol Hills Trail. We will follow the BHT through the forest, past Lake David and through gullies for a total of 3.6 miles, then cross over to the mail FLT with a short road walk on Harrisburg Hollow Road. We should have some nice views of the area and finish the hike on 2.1 miles of the main FLT trail. A hike encompassing two maps and two different trails – how fun! Perhaps someone will know if this is the first time this has been done on the Named Hike series. Meeting time – 10 am, with a departure time of 10:10. We’ll need to place cars for the car shuttle. Meeting place – We will meet at the Hickory Hill Campground (click for map and directions) . From there we will drop cars at our end point and proceed to our starting point, Access 18 on Route 13. From exit 38 off I-86 (Route 17), follow signs to Route 54. After following Rt 54 through town including a 90 degree left turn, Route 13/Mitchellsville Road will branch off to the left. Prominent signs for the campground, which will be on your left off Rt 13 just north of Bath. Notes – Please dress for the weather, but as a general rule of thumb, dress in layers and bring extra clothes. Waterproof jacket & pants will most likely come in handy, plus hat and gloves. Pack a lunch that can be eaten quickly on the trail, plus lots of water. Be prepared for steep ascents and descents! E-mail hike leader with your interest in joining the hike – carpooling is encouraged and she will help to organize.