Make a Gift

The Finger Lakes Trail Conference is grateful for the many generous members and donors who make financial contributions each year through our annual campaign in December.  Those donations provide critical funding to support all the work we do to protect, maintain, and enhance the Finger Lakes Trail System throughout the year.

Occasionally, the FLT has special needs, and this is one of those times. Please consider a special donation this year to our newly established Capital Equipment Fund to support the purchase of an ATV  and trailer for major trail projects.

Each year, the Finger Lakes Trail undertakes 3-5 major projects, such as the construction of lean-tos, bridges or puncheons. If you’ve ever participated in one of these projects, you know the amount of manpower that goes into their planning and execution, and you know the quality of the work completed by our many skilled and dedicated volunteers. You also know the very real struggle of getting equipment and supplies to and from the work site.

These major projects take place on both the main and branch trails, usually a mile or more from any access road. For years, the FLTC used an old ATV that we owned, but which required significant annual repairs and maintenance. Two years ago, the costs outweighed the benefits, and we sold the ATV.

Last year we explored renting but learned that was not a viable option. We are relying now on borrowed equipment, which creates issues with scheduling and executing projects that are already difficult to schedule and execute.

This year the FLTC’s Board of Managers approved the creation of a Capital Equipment Fund for large purchases like this. Thanks to a small number of very generous donors, the Fund currently has $2,000 in available funds. To meet our immediate needs this year, which have been identified as the purchase of an ATV and an enclosed trailer to safely store and transport the ATV, we need an additional $11,000.

Your gift will support necessary and vital improvements to the trail now and for years to come. Please make a gift today!