The Finger Lakes Trail carries 430 miles of the North Country Trail in New York State. This interactive map can help you find the trail and access points. For additional features, including loop and spur trails, see the full FLT system map.

This is an overview map and if you would like more detail, we recommend that you purchase maps, guides, and GPS files from the FLTC Store. These maps and their trail descriptions are particularly useful when the trail joins other trails or woods roads not depicted on the interactive map.

How to use this map (Read this first)

Trail data © Copyright 2018, Finger Lakes Trail Conference, Inc.


The data shown on this map is for general information purposes only. The Finger Lakes Trail Conference gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of these data. It is strongly recommended that only Finger Lakes Trail Conference maps, which have detailed mile-by-mile information on the back, be used as official resource for information about the Trail.


Purchase paper maps and guides from the FLTC store or from other outlets throughout our region. You can also purchase digital PDF and GPX files for immediate download from the FLTC store.

FLTC maps are printed on durable, waterproof 8-1/2 x 11 Rite-in-the-Rain®paper. Low cost, light weight, and no batteries needed! The back of each map contains a step-by-step guide to the trail section including trailheads, mileage, hiking directions, lean-tos and camping spots, sources of drinking water, points of interest, and important notices regarding trail closures during hunting seasons.  Example from a typical map.

GPX files can be uploaded to your GPS device or smart phone and contain high-resolution tracks and waypoints. Download a sample file here and try it on your GPS device. Download sample GPX file here.

FLTC maps and GPX files are updated frequently to reflect trail reroutes, closures, and temporary conditions. Check the Trail Condition Notices on this website for the latest information.

Are my paper maps, PDF files, and GPX files up to date?

Your purchases at the FLTC store are an important source of revenue that allows FLTC volunteers to build and maintain the trail.