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The Finger Lakes Trail Conference (FLTC) discussion group is an e-mail group hosted by Google. Its purpose is to allow the group subscribers (approximately 850 people) to communicate information with each other pertaining to FLT hikes and other FLTC activities, and also to allow subscribers to post general hiking/camping/backpacking and/or FLT-related questions that can be answered by other participants.

The use of this discussion group requires common courtesy and decency. The service forbids such entries that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, etc. Any misuse may lead to expulsion from the group. We also request that you use meaningful subject line entries, and sign your real name at the end of your post.

You do not have to be a dues-paying FLTC member to subscribe to the discussion group, although we hope you will also join the FLTC.

To join the group visit:!forum/hiking/join

Want to view previous conversations on the group?  Check out the message archive:!forum/hiking

The co-moderators who oversee the use of this group and offer help with questions are Larry Blumberg ([email protected]) and Scott Geiger ([email protected]).