Explore Parks Along The Finger Lakes Trail

Parks Finger Lakes Trail

The Finger Lakes Trail passes through or near many New York State Parks. These parks can provide additional hiking trails to explore, a place to stay such as in seasonal camping and/or cabins, seasonal showers and bathrooms, picnic tables, grills for cooking and other amenities. You can plan and arrange your hikes around these parks. They can serve as your base of operation for day hikes and for strategic stopping points when thru hiking the Finger Lakes Trail.

Learn more about each of these parks and the hiking opportunities along the Finger Lakes Trail by visiting the links below.

Allegany State Park

Often the first or last park along the trail for long-distance hikers, 18 miles of the trail pass through Allegany, dotted with rolling hillsides, beautiful meadows and sparkling lakes. Learn more about hiking in Allegany State Park.

Darien Lakes State Park

Access this park via the FLT Conservation Branch Trail, a trail of the Finger Lakes Trail system, and stop in Darien Lakes or continue onto Canada’s Bruce Trail. Learn more about hiking in Darien Lakes State Park.

Letchworth State Park

Also known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the East,’ Letchworth offers incredible waterfall hiking, views from atop its deep gorge, and some of the FLT’s most beautiful scenery. Learn more about hiking on the FLT Letchworth Branch Trail and park trails in Letchworth State Park.

Watkins State Park

Hike the famous Rim Trail in Watkins Glen and take in the stunning landscape of this geological wonder, home to 19 cascading waterfalls. Learn more about hiking in Watkins Glen State Park.

Robert H. Treman State Park

Waterfalls are the highlight of this sometimes underrated New York State Park. See Lucifer Falls from above, or relax in the natural-fed swimming pool at Lower Falls. Learn more about hiking in Robert H. Treman State Park.

Buttermilk Falls State Park

This beautiful park can be accessed via the Buttermilk Park Spur. Camp here for the night and enjoy its natural swimming pool to cool off on a warm summer day. Learn more about hiking in Buttermilk Falls State Park.

Bowman Lake State Park

Outdoor enthusiasts will find a camper’s paradise in Bowman Lake, home to a brief section of the Finger Lakes Trail. Don’t miss Berry Hill Fire Tower just north of the park. Learn more about hiking in Bowman Lake State Park.

Oquaga Creek State Park

The last, and sometimes first, park on the Finger Lakes Trail, Oquaga Creek is highlighted by 55-acre Arctic Lake and the expansive 2,858-acre Arctic China State Forest. Learn more about hiking in Oquaga Creek State Park.