Pat Monahan, President
Debra Nero, Executive Vice President
Charles Schutt, Vice President of Finance
Steve Czajkowski,  Vice President of Membership & Marketing
David Newman, Vice President of Trail Preservation
VACANT, Vice President of Trail Maintenance
Lynda Rummel, Vice President of Trail Quality
Greg Farnham, Vice President of Mapping & Trail Inventory
Mike Schlict, Director of Crews & Construction
Lori Chiarilli, Secretary
Linda Hopkins, Treasurer

Board of Managers

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Scott Brooks Roger Hopkins Donna Flood
Bob Kremens Tim Sweeney* Dave Newlun
Terry Meacham David Tuttle Michael Ogden
Laurie Ondrejka Vacant Wendy Stevenson
Anna Keeton* Vacant Vacant


Former Board Members


Committee Name Chairperson Committee Members
Executive Pat Monahan Steve Catherman
Terry Meacham (member-at-large)
Lynda Rummel
Jacqui Wensich
Peter Wybron
Compliance Officer Terry Meacham
Nominating Wendy Stevenson
Finance Charles Schutt Jr.
James Burke
Greg Farnham
Jon Bowen
Doug Cunningham
Kathie Barrett
Irene Szabo
Dave Newman
Ex Officio:
Pat Monahan
Quinn Wright
Investment Sub Committee Richard Wall
Trail Management Council — VACANT — Greg Farnham
Dave Newman
Lynda Rummel
Travelin’ Training Team Lynda Rummel Irene Szabo
Mary Coffin
Bill Coffin
Human Resources Terry Meacham Phil Dankert
Program — VACANT —
County hike series Martin and Donna Ruszaj, Coordinator
Recognition Subcommittee Irene Szabo Mary Zuk Domanski
Stephanie Spittal
Ron Navik
Donna Coon
End-To-End Coordinator Jacqui Wensich Donna Coon
Archives Coordinator Georgeanne Vyverberg Jacqui Wensich
Finger Lakes Trail News Irene Szabo, Editor
Membership Subcommittee Steve Czajkowski Gene Bavis
Donna Flood
Pat Monahan
John Morris
Jackson Thomas
Marketing Subcommittee Steve Czajkowski
Multi-Media Subcommittee Jacqui Wensich Larry Blumberg
Paul Hoffman
North Country Trail Association Representative Lynda Rummel Ruth Dorrough
NYS NCTA Volunteer Council — VACANT — Sigi Schwinge
Business Membership Subcommittee — VACANT —
Club Ambassador Coordinator — VACANT —
Publicity Coordinator — VACANT —
Emerald Necklace Project Roger Hopkins
IT & Website Roger Hopkins, Webmaster Cate Concannon
Scott Geiger
Tim Sweeney
Quinn Wright
GET in NY ad hoc Committee Pat Monahan
Quartermaster Peter Wybron Ted Anderson
Email Discussion Groups Coordinator Larry Blumburg Scott Geiger
Named Hike Coordinator Larry Blumberg
NYS Trails Council Representative — VACANT —
Great Eastern Trail Association Board Representative Pat Monahan
David Marsh, Alternate
Land Navigation Committee Roger Hopkins Greg Farnham
Alex Gonzalez
Lynda Rummell
Mike Schlicht
Irene Szabo
Jo Taylor
Larry Telle
Paul Warrender

Regional Trail Coordinators

Chenango WestAnthony RodriguezM20 -> M22 at NY 26, O1, O2

Region Name Regional Coordinator Map Coverage
Genesee West Martin Howden M1 → M6, CT1 → CT12
Genesee East Peter Wybron, Irene Szabo M7 → M11, L1 → L2
Watkins Glen West Lynda Rummel M12 → M14, QCMLT, MFHLT
Watkins Glen East David Priester M15 → M19, I1 (FLNF)
Southern Cortland County Peter Dady M19 → M21 Tone Rd. to Elwood/Potter Hill Cemetery Rd.
Chenango East Roy Dando, Larry Blumberg M22 at NY 26 → M26 in Bainbridge
Catskill West Mike Gebhard M26 in Bainbridge → M27
Catskill Central Rick Roberts M28 → M30 at NY 206
Catskill East Rick Roberts M30 at NY 206 → M33
Bristol Hills Trail Donna Noteware B1 → B3
Crystal Hills Trail Patrick Monahan CH1 → CH3

To contact any of the individuals listed above, send an e-mail to [email protected].