The following are recipients of the Erv Markert Award. (Established in Fall of 1997)

Year Awarded Name
2023 Wegman’s Food Markets, Inc. (Passport Hike Program)
2020 – 2022 Not awarded
2019 Rob Hughes
2017 – 2018 Not awarded
2016 Vince Spagnoletti
2013 – 2015 Not awarded
2012 Mahlon Hurst
2009 – 2011 Not awarded
2008 NYS DEC Region 8 staff at Bath: John Gibbs, supervising forester; Mike Allen, wildlife tech; Scott Smith, wildlife biologist; Jim Bagley, forester; Mark Keister; Bill Meehan; Gretchen Cicora
2007 US Army Corps of Engineers at Mt Morris Dam: accepted by Tom
Wenzel, Project Assistant, and Patricia Hixon, Park Manager, on behalf of the Corps.
2006 Not awarded
2005 Bill “Brownie” Brown, former manager of 4 state parks.
2004 Carl States
2003 Dr. Byron & Chip Collins (ABC Ranch of Hornell M10, largest private landowner on the FLT to date)
2000 – 2002 Not awarded
1999 William & Ellen Garrison (B3 Evangeline Shelter, whimsical signs,woodshop signs, added bridges)
1998 George Fraley of Naples (Efforts on behalf of hiking access to Hi Tor Wildlife Management Area, Bristol HBT)