Photo by George Zacharek
at Frost Valley

#30 End-to Ender (1994), Irene has been involved with the FLTC for over twenty years including the maintenance of 17 miles of trail. She was President of the organization for eleven years. Irene has held many board duties including representing hiking trails in the statewide NY Parks & Trails since the 1990’s. She has spent countless hours traveling, meeting, advocating, certifying, calling, arranging, writing for and about the Finger Lakes Trail and hiking in general.

Irene won the Wally Wood Distinguished Service Award in 1999 and the Clar-Willis in 2006. She was interim Executive Director of the NCTA and is currently the editor of that organization’s magazine The North Star. Irene also chairs the FLTC board awards committee. She is a prolific writer.  You are fortunate to have Irene Szabo as a hike leader. She is well-informed about local and trail history, wildlife and plants. She regularly contributes to the FLT News…loves those railroads!