Member Benefits When You Join Finger Lakes Trail

When you join Finger Lakes Trail Conference, you’ll receive these benefits:

  1. A subscription to the Finger Lakes Trail News magazine, printed four times per year
  2. A 20% discount on all items you purchase from the FLTC store (except memberships and donations)
  3. Discounted registration fee for those FLTC events where fees are charged.
  4. A portion of your dues may be tax deductible
  5. The satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to a magnificent legacy for the health and recreation benefit of residents and visitors to upstate New York.

Join now! Join on-line at the FLTC Store  or  Print the membership form and join by mail.

Renew Your Membership

Your membership support is very important to the FLTC. Your annual dues help to cover the cost of operating the organization and some of the costs of maintaining the trail. Even more important, your membership adds to our membership count which is the single most important message we can carry to the public and private organizations that keep the FLTC and the Finger Lakes Trail viable.

Please don’t let your membership lapse.

Renew now! Renew on-line at the store  or  Print the membership form and renew by mail.

Gift Memberships

If you are already a member, you know the benefits and satisfaction you get from your FLTC membership. You can share this with a friend and introduce them to the FLTC by giving a gift membership. You can give at any of the membership levels, and we will send the membership package to you or directly to your friend.

Give a gift membership  on-line at the FLTC Store

Volunteer Trail Workers

Trail workers can renew their membership at a reduced rate following one year of acceptable performance working on the trail.

Trail Stewards/Adopters work for a sponsoring organization such as a hiking club, Scout troop, or other group. Work is done under supervision of the Trails Chairman of the organization. After one year of service, Stewards/Adopters may renew their membership at a 50% discount. Stewards/Adopters must renew their membership each year.

Trail Sponsors are individuals or organizations that assume resonsibility for a section of the Finger Lakes Trail system and enter into an agreement with the FLTC Vice President for Trail Maintenance. After one year of service, Sponsors can apply for Class I membership with dues of $0. Sponsors are not required to renew their membership as long as the service is continued.