What is the Finger Lakes Trail Conference?

…to build, protect, enhance, and promote a continuous footpath across New York State. Forever!

The Finger Lakes Trail Conference, Inc. (FLTC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of dues paying members and governed by a Board of Managers duly elected by its membership in accordance with its written Bylaws.

Mission – The mission of the FLTC is “… to build, protect, enhance, and promote a continuous footpath across New York State for the enjoyment and health of residents and visitors. Forever!” The FLTC was founded in 1962. It works in cooperation with its members and various organizations to develop and maintain a premier hiking trail system in New York.

Membership – More than 1,400 individual and family memberships currently support the FLTC through annual dues ranging from $15 to $60 and through donations. Approximately one fourth of these members actively volunteer to operate the organization and its programs, and to build and maintain the trail system. These volunteers assist a paid, part-time office staff (less than two full time equivalent). Individuals and affiliate organizations maintain trail sections ranging from 1 mile to 100 miles in length. Some individuals volunteer for special maintenance and construction projects across the entire trail system.

You can join the FLTC, renew your membership, and make a donation here.

Sponsors – Sponsors are individuals or organizations who formally accept responsibility for maintaining a length of trail in the FLT System. Sponsors are organized into a network of trail caretakers under Regional Trail Coordinators and the Vice President for Trail Maintenance.

Affiliates – 13 hiking clubs and Scout troops are affiliates of the FLTC. Many FLTC members are also members of these organizations. These organizations operate their own local hiking program and sponsor (maintain) their section of the trail system.

Partners – The FLTC is a partner of the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) and cooperates with that organization and the National Park Service in maintaining and promoting that portion of the FLT that carries the North Country National Scenic Trail.The FLTC is also a member of the Great Eastern Trail Association (GETA) and is constructing a branch trail of the FLT system (the Crystal Hills Trail) that will carry the New York portion of the Great Eastern Trail.

Reference – Read our by-laws and a list of responsibilities for various volunteer positions:

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