PDF map files available for download from the FLTC On-line Store are geospatial-enabled. This means that the files can be imported into mapping software available for many Apple and Android smart phones and tablets, and soon for Windows Phones.

We have tested our PDF maps with the Avenza PDF Maps Mobile App. Once you have installed this (free) app on your device, you can import the FLTC PDF map into the application.

Then, when you are hiking within the boundaries of the map, you can see your location acording to your device’s GPS. You can also do things like:

  • Add placemarks
  • Record your own track
  • Tag photos
  • Orient the map using your compass
  • Measure distance and area
  • Search for places on the map

The free version of the Avenza app will only permit you to import three maps at one time. To import an additional map, you must first remove one of the three from the Avenza folder. You can still keep the PDF files on your device and switch them at any time. There is a subscription version available from Avenza that will permit you to import an unlimited number of maps.

When you open our PDF files in the Avenza app, you will only see the front page of the map. This is the page with the geoposition information that lets you use Avenza for navigation and tracking. To view the back page of the PDF with the mile-by-mile narrative information, you will have to open the  PDF file in a PDF reader app. You should be able to switch back and forth between the PDF view and the Avenza view.

NOTICE:  We are aware that some of our maps may not work correctly with Avenza Maps since the app is not able to handle maps with more than one geoposition space. Some of our maps have small insets to show additional detail and these insets confuse Avenza. It appears that Map M01 does not work. M16 has worked OK on an Android device. We do not have information on maps M08, M19, and O1 which all have insets. All other maps should work correctly. Please let us know if you have difficulty with our PDF maps with Avenza Maps or any other apps.