We have a busy season of five major projects and we are fast approaching the beginning of the first project – only two months until the site preparations and site access trails are to be developed. The dates (please note the changes from our previous notification) are set and we’ve got a GREAT group of project leaders in place for the various projects. I hope that we are not too ambitious as we will need a heavy commitment from our dedicated members in order to successfully accomplish these projects. Please consider volunteering for one or more of these projects. If you are able to make a commitment of your time please contact the project manager or me at any time so that we can put you on the list of much needed helpers.

The projects are listed in date sequence and some are done in phases:

  1. Beales Pond lean-to: Project Manager – Roy Dando, Construction Manager – Rob Hughes. This project involves a new style of lean-to using post and beam construction that has been designed by Rob Hughes and Matt Branneman. The site preparation for this project near Masonville (Map 27) will occur in March and the lean-to will be erected over Memorial Day weekend (May 28th – May 30th). A bridge, privy and other miscellaneous work will take place during the week of June 25th to – June 29th.
  2. Hunters Creek Park puncheons: Project Manager – Mike Schlicht, Construction Manager – Dave Potzler. The Conservation Trail goes through this Erie County Park south of Buffalo (Map CT-7) and is a multi-use trail. Construction will begin on June 4th (National Trails Day), but most of the work is scheduled for the week of June 11th through June 18th. The project is a joint effort with the WNY Mountain Biking Club. There are hundreds of feet of puncheon to build and much help will be needed.
  3. Birdseye Hollow Bridges: Project Manager – Steve Catherman, Construction Manager – Gerry Benedict. This much-needed project near Hammondsport (Map 13) involves building two bridges so that the often flooded trail with no high-water by-pass can be improved. The dates for the project are June 6th through June 9th.
  4. Corbett Hollow Trail Re-construction: Project and Construction Manager – Lynda Rummel. . This much-needed project near Hammondsport (Map 13) involves reconstructing the trail by developing switchbacks to eliminate the steep incline that does not meet North Country National Scenic Trail standards. This is the last segment of many miles of trail that have be altered to gain certification and we really need your help for this labor intensive project that will occur from August 28th through September 2nd.
  5. Hickory Hill lean-to: Project Manager – Dave Drum, Construction Manager – Matt Branneman. The location of this much-needed lean-to is on the Hickory Hill Campgrounds near Bath (Map 12). The construction dates for the lean-to are September 17th through September 22nd; however, there is site preparation work that will be accomplished prior to those dates.

I don’t want to come across as begging, but PLEASE consider volunteering some of your valuable time to help bring these projects to successful conclusions. Last year we had seventy-eight volunteers; this year I think we’ll need more!