Alley Cat Crews work on major trail construction projects. These projects may require months of advanced planning and preparation and the projects themselves may take from several days to a week. They involve construction of trail infrastructure such as lean-tos and bridges, and major trail building or rerouting.  Crews are organized by the FLTC’s Director of Crews & Construction. Projects are done with assistance and local coordination provided by the Trail Sponsoring organization or individual.

Although Alley Cat is named from “Allegany to the Catskills,” Alley Cat crews work on branch trails, too.

2017 Alley Cat Schedule:

1. Taylor Valley lean-to:

  • Project Manager: Mike TenKate
  • Construction Manager: Mike Ogden
  • Date: September tbd

2. Bully Hill lean- to:

  • Project Manager: Tim Timbrook
  • Construction Manager: Tim Timbrook
  • Date: Weekends, late April through May

3. Bucktooth lean-to:

  • Project Manager: Dave Potzler
  • Construction Manager: Mike Granger
  • Date: May 18-20

4. Moss Hill lean-to replacement:

  • Project Manager: Bill Meehan
  • Construction Manager: MikeOgden
  • Date: August 14-17th  (Doggie Shelter-contact [email protected])

5. FLTC Office ADA Ramp replacement

  • Project Manager: Mike Goodwin
  • Construction Manager: Marty Howden
  • Date: May 11-13

6. Hesse lean-to repair

  • Project Manager: Hesse
  • Construction Manager: Mike Granger
  • Date: TBD

2018 Projects:

1. Cayuga Trails Club lean-to replacement

2. Darien Lakes SP lean-to