Listed West to East; Table updated Sept 13, 2022. Please report any issues.
Large scale maps (with detailed mileage descriptions) are available in PDF or Paper form for Loops shown in bold.
All loops are shown on the parent maps in PDF, Paper, GPX, and Interactive Map formats.
Some FLTC maps may show non-FLT trails with special coloring or style. Those trails are not maintained by the FLTC and their condition and location must be determined through other sources.

Loop Trail Name Located on Map(s)
[AP = Access Point]
Full Loop**
Length in Miles 
Blaze Color
Loop Trail/Linear Trail
Cobb 45 Blue Loop (Map CL) M4, access at NY Route 242, around loop and back 1.7 Blue/White
Robinson Loops M8, various loops possible at near Swain 1.2 to 10+ Blue, Orange, Yellow/White
High Tor Loop (other loops possible; see map B1) B1, at AP 5D to AP 5A, AP 5C, AP 6A, and back to 5D 4.8 Blue/Orange
Huckleberry Bog Nature Trail (Map HBL) B3, at AP 16 , around loop, and back to AP 16 4.5 Blue/Orange
Pinnacle State Park-McCarthy Hill State Forest Loops (Map PMHL) CH2, various loops possible at Pinnacle S. P. 1.0 to 20+ Blue, Yellow, Green, Red/Orange
Queen Catharine Marsh Loop (Map QC) QCMLT, access at Watkins Glen State Park (M15) 8.1 Orange/White
Montour Falls Historic Loop Map MF) MFHLT, access at Catharine Valley Trail, which will connect to Queen Catharine Marsh Loop Trail near south end of Barge Canal. 5.5 Orange/White
Texas Hollow Loop M15, access at Texas Hollow Road 1.3 Blue/White
Van Lone Hill Loop M16, access at Gulf Road just East of CR 6 or at Todd Road 5.8 Orange/White
Bob Cameron Loop M16, access at Tower Road 2.8 Orange/White
Upper Robert Treman State Park Loop M16, access at Old Mill in upper Robert Treman  S. P. 1.5 Blue/White
Abbott Loop (Map AL) M17, access at Michigan Hollow Road 8.3 Orange/White
Spanish Loop and Irvin Trail (Map SpL) M19, access at Daisy Hollow Road south trailhead 6.1 Orange/Blue/White
Swedish Loop (Map SwL) M19, access at Daisy Hollow Road north trailhead  5.2 Blue/White
International Loop (Map InL-Combined Spanish and Swedish Loops) M19, access at Daisy Hollow Road north trailhead  7.2 Blue/Orange/White
International Loop Two (Map InL2 – Combined Lithuanian and Irish Loops) M19, access at Babcock Hollow Road 2.4 Yellow/Green
Dabes Diversion Loop (Map VML) M19, access at Bleck Road (2 places) 4.2 (3.1 if using Kuzia Cutoff) Orange/White/(Blue)
Virgil Mt. Loop (Map VML) M19, access at O’Dell Road 4.8 (9.0 with above loop) Orange/White
Woodchuck Hollow Lean-to Loop M20, access at Cortland 9 DEC Truck Road 1.2 Blue/White
Fellows Hill Loop O1, access at Herlihy Road (2 places) 3.1 Orange
Plymouth Lean-to Loop M23, access at Stewart Road or Chenango 5 Truck Road 6.4 Blue/White
Kopac Loop, including out and back to Whaley Pond M24, access at Bowman Lake State Park 3.8 Blue/White
Little Pond State Campgound Loop M31, access at Little Pond DEC State Campgound 3.0 Yellow/Red/Blue Disks
** Full Loop length includes both loop trail, linear trail, and any out & back miles from the suggested parking.

Spur Trails of the Finger Lakes Trail System
Listed West to East; More than 1 mile in length, one way*
Table updated Dec. 27, 2011

Spur Trail Name Located on Map(s)
[AP = Access Point]
One Way
Length in Miles
Blaze Color
Allegany Administration Building Spur M1, access in State Park at administration building 2.2 Blue
Kanakadea Lean-to Spur M9, access at Webb Road 2.0 Blue
Hi Tor Blue Trail (can be used for loops with orange trail) B1, access at AP 5D or AP 6 4.7 Blue
June Bug Trail M12, access at Glenn Curtis Air Museum or main FLT 1.2 Blue
Buttermilk Falls State Park Spur M17, access at Sandbank Rd. or Buttermilk Falls S. P. 2.2 Orange
Chippewa Falls Spur M22, access at Stoney Brook Road 1.5 Orange
Oquaga Creek State Park Spur M27, access at Oquaga State Park or main FLT 2.2 Blue
*Other short side trails, less than 1 mile and generally blazed blue, are used for access to major trails, water sources, shelters, and campsites.