The Finger Lakes Trail Conference awards an End-to-End patch and an engraved name badge in recognition of hiking the Main Finger Lakes Trail from the NY/PA border at Allegany State Park to the Long Path and the Summit of Slide Mountain in the Catskill Park (about 585 miles). We also award a Branch End-to-End patch in recognition of hiking all of the FLT branch trails: Conservation Branch Trail, Letchworth Branch Trail, Crystal Hills Branch Trail, Bristol Hills Branch Trail, Interloken Branch Trail, and Onondaga Branch Trail (about 365 miles). Awards are also listed on the FLTC website and in The Finger Lakes Trail News.

These awards can be earned by through-hiking or by hiking trail segments over a period of time.

Award applications

You will need to keep a record of your hikes to submit with your application. You may download the award application forms here:

When you have completed your End-to-End quest, please complete the appropriate Application Form above and send it with your Hiker Record documentation or spreadsheet to the FLTC End-to-End Coordinator at the address on the form. Your award is provided free of charge.

We would like to hear about your End-to-End experiences as these often provide interesting and helpful information to the FLTC and to others planning similar trips. Please consider writing an article for the FLT Newsletter—you don’t have to be a professional writer, just describe your trip and what you enjoyed. Mail or e-mail your article and photos to to the End-to-End Coordinator.

The forms are provided in MS-Word and PDF form for your convenience.

Documentation of Hike(s)  PLEASE contact [email protected] or 585-385-2265

You must include sufficient documentation of your hike(s). You may use the Excel spreadsheets available below, a Hiker Record provided provided with the Application form, or some written form of your own. Photographs and journal entries are always welcome. Backpacking through-hikers are not required to use forms as long as written documentation of the hike is included.

For hikers completing their quest over time as a series of segment hikes, the Excel spreadsheets provided below are highly recommended. These list each section of the trails between access points, trail junctions, and road crossings, along with trail mileage for the section. If using the Excel spreadsheet, progress is calculated in terms of a percentage of the total mileage. For those not using Excel, the PDF version can be printed to form a hard-copy log.

You can also use the hiker record and /or the county hiker record -contact Jacqui Wensich End to End Coordinator

File nameSizeDate
Main_Trail_Tracking_2-2018.xlsx62 kB 11-09-2018
Main_Trail_End_to_End_Application_open.docx14 kB 8-14-2017
Main Trail Tracking Spreadsheet 2021 Jun.15.xlsx52 kB 6-15-2021
MAIN_TRAIL_HIKER_RECORD_8-2016.docx30 kB 8-01-2016
Branch_Trail_Tracking-2016_August.xlsx48 kB 8-01-2016
Branch_Trail_Application_and_Hiker_Record_-_2016_August.docx35 kB 8-01-2016
Branch Trails Tracking Spreadsheet - 2017 February.xlsx54 kB 9-27-2020