Robert H. Treman State Park

Robert Treman State Park


Hiking the Finger Lakes Trail through Robert H. Treman State Park reveals a side of this New York State Park most visitors don’t get to see thanks to the beauty of Enfield Glen, another one of the trail’s scenic highlights.

Like many of the other gorge landscapes throughout the Finger Lakes Region, the beauty of Enfield Glen has been nearly 10,000 years in the making.

New York State Park land signs will indicate hikers have crossed into Robert H. Treman State Park. For those thru-hiking the trail, it’s recommended to follow the blue-blazed South Rim trail after the main junction, which leads toward the park’s Gorge Trail.

The South Rim Trail not only offers scenic views at Fish Kill Overlook and a trek along the park’s incredible stone staircases and walkways carved directly into the gorge’s ancient stone, but potable water and restrooms near the Old Mill.

Trail Map

Our Finger Lakes Trail map M16 provides detailed information concerning the trail as it passes through Robert Treman State Park and beyond. Map M16 is available as a digital download you can use on your smartphone and/or is available in a paper version which we will mail to you.

Finger Lakes Trail map M16 can be purchased by visiting our interactive map and selecting trail map M16. Proceeds from the map sale goes toward the ongoing administration of the entire 950 plus miles of the Finger Lakes Trail.

For use on your smartphone, you’ll need to install the Avenza App.

Sample Map – Shown below is a section of Finger Lakes Trail map M16 which shows the trail as it passes through Robert H. Treman. Purchase the full map by clicking on map image below.

Robert H Treman State Park Finger Lakes Trail Map Example


Camping options for thru hikers and backpackers are limited to two locations, including:

  • The Sierra Shelter, a backpackers-only site accessible to thru hikers (one night, free/no permit required).
  • Robert H. Treman State Park Campground, a campground near the eastern edge of the park offering a variety of amenities at tent and cabin sites.

Visit the Robert H. Treman State Park website or call 607-273-3440 for more information.


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Fast Fact

Just after leaving Robert H. Treman State Park, hikers will reach the lowest point of elevation along the Finger Lakes Trail at 432 feet.