Hike: Break out those boots and showshoes and start working off all of those cookies, cakes, etc., you ate during the holiday season. As Howard spent quite a bit of time maintaining parts of the Bristol Hills Trail, we will celebrate his service by hiking his favorite area, High Tor, where we will utilize both the Bristol Hills Trail and the High Tor Blue Trail to complete a loop of approximately 5-7 miles.

You can expect some climbing and possible views of the lake. Please pack a lunch and water and dress in layers approppriate for the weather. And, although Bob & Ruth’s is closed for the season, Monica Pies is open year round. Pack a spoon or fork as people have been known to dig into one of their famous grape pies (or one of the many other varieties!) on the ride home.

Meet: 10:00 AM at the parking area near access point 5 of FLT Map B1. There is some additional parking at Bob & Ruth’s Restaurant at the intersection of NY Routes 21 and 245 in Naples, alghough they do not plow during the winter. Please try to carpool to reduce the number of cars at the trailhead.

Directions to Meeting location:

Carpooling: From the Binghamton area, please contact Larry Blumberg,  or 607-797-0912

Contact: Cathy Concannon at [email protected]

Hike Report

The first annual Howard Beye hike was on January 15, 2011, on the Bristol Hills Trail, FLT Map B1

John & Judy Wint