The Finger Lakes Trail across upstate NY was started in 1962, and for nearly 25 of those years, Howard Beye was THE major volunteer for the organization that tends it. He was a deeply involved trail chair, keeping track of map updates, organizing and training those who adopt portions of our over 900-mile trail system, tracking volunteer hours for every one of them during an annual “census,” arranging Challenge Cost Share projects, and organizing every one of our three to four special work-week projects, the annual “Alley Cats,” and handling the majority of correspondence with the state agencies who host many miles of our trail.

2015 Howard Beye Hike

Saturday, January 10, 2015, 10:00 am

Hike Title: WINTER 2015 HOWARD BEYE HIKE or the Lets Hope for Snow Winter Hike Map(s): L1, Access C to Access E. Hike Leader(s): Cate Concannon Hike Description: I have decided to tempt fate with this hike. Two years ago, the Howard Beye hike was held on a section of the Letchworth Trail a bit south of this section. Up until about 2 days before the hike, it appeared that we would have nice snowshoeing weather. And then the temperatures reached 55+ degrees which made for an extremely long, wet hike. I can’t promise we will have snow this year, but I can assure you that there is not 20 gully/stream crossings. We’ll be hiking a very beautiful section of the Letchworth Trail, and I’m happy to show it off. We will hike a six mile section from the Hogsback Overlook (Access C) to Access E on River Rd. Meeting Location: Hogsback Overlook Parking Area, Letchworth State Park, 10 am Directions to Meeting Location: The Hogsback Overlook is located just off Rt 408, south of Mt. Morris. If coming from the north, take 390 South to Exit 7. Turn left onto Rt 408 and follow into Mt. Morris. Turn right onto Main Street, and right onto Rt 408. Turn right onto Visitor Center Road and then left at the sign for the overlook.

Please contact hike leader if interested in joining to assist with car shuttle setup. [email protected].