Wally Wood 1967

Wally Wood was the founding president of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference. He was a long distance hiker living in Rochester when he organized existing hiking clubs in 1962 at Keuka College forming the Finger Lakes Trail organization.  The Annual Wally Wood Hike honors his memory. His monument pictured to the left is located on M7 South of Portageville. It was installed by landowner Hessie and the GVHC June 4, 2005.


Saturday, April 29th, 9:30 am

International Loop

Hike Leaders:

Debra Nero, [email protected], (607) 227-7957
Laurie Ondrejka, [email protected], (585) 727-6495

Hike Description:

There will be two versions of the hike – a longer 10.2 mile hike and a shorter 7.1 mile hike. Both hikes will meet together for instructions at 9:30 am.

Parts of both hikes will qualify for the Hike 100 Challenge with the North Country Trail Association. Mileage will be calculated at the hike.

Those doing the shorter hike (7.1 miles) will complete the International Loop on FLT map M19 rev 7/16. This is also shown in more detail on the FLT International Loop map rev 7/12. Hikers will begin and end this hike at the small DEC parking lot on Daisy Hollow Rd at mile 5.5 on M19. From the parking area you will follow the main FLT east for 0.95 miles and bear left on the blue blazed Swedish Loop Trail. Follow this across Owego Hill Rd and then take a right onto Bell-Hilsinger Rd until the Swedish Loop Trail meets the white blazed main FLT. At the main trail go right (west). When you cross Owego Hill Road again turn left and follow the orange blazed Spanish Loop Trail. Make a right on Adams Road and then a right off the road. When you reach the paved Daisy Hollow Road turn right and in 0.5 mile you will be back at the DEC parking area and your car!

The longer hike (10.2 miles) will carpool over to the parking area at mile 1.4 on FLT Map M19 where the main FLT leaves the Jim Shug Trail and turns right onto Lake Rd. We will hike along Lake Rd for 0.3 miles and then follow the main FLT 3.3 more miles to Daisy Hollow Rd. At this point we will jog slightly right across Daisy Hollow Rd to the orange blazed Spanish Loop Trail and do the International Loop in the reverse direction of those doing the short hike, ending at the DEC parking area on Daisy Hollow Rd where drivers will be shuttled back to the starting point to pick up their cars.

Trail maps will be available at the beginning of the hike.

Meeting Location:

Link to Map ALL interested hikers will meet at 9:30am at the small DEC parking area on the east side of Daisy Hollow Rd near the intersection with Carpenter Hill Rd. There is only space for 3 or 4 cars in the DEC Parking area, so please park on the grassy shoulder of Daisy Hollow Rd around the intersection with Carpenter Hill Rd. Please do not park in front of any of the houses.

At 9:30am there will be a short organizational meeting in the DEC parking lot. At 9:45am those interested in the short hike will leave from the DEC parking area and complete the 7.1 mile International Loop as described above. Hike leader is Laurie Ondrejka. Those who are doing the longer hike will carpool to the parking area on Lake Rd at the Jim Shug Trail crossing. Hike leader is Debbie Nero.

Directions to Meeting Location:

From Dryden take NYS Route 38 south 5.9 miles to Daisy Hollow Rd, it intersects just before the hamlet of Harford. From Richford take NYS Route 38 north 6.2 miles to Daisy Hollow Rd.

From the intersection with NYS Route 38, follow Daisy Hollow Rd 3.2 miles to the DEC parking area / FLT crossing very near the intersection with Carpenter Hill Rd.